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5 folding and packing steps for pvc tarpaulin?

How to fold and pack pvc tarpaulin? Next, let us take a look at the method of folding the tarp.

   1. The front of the tarp is spread out flat, leaving two side ropes, and the two sides in the length direction are folded to the longitudinal center line of the tarp.

   2. Divide the folded sides into three equal parts, and fold them twice toward the center line.

  3. Fold the two sides of the tarp in the width direction of the tarp toward the transverse centerline of the tarp, and then fold it in half toward the middle three times in a row, and then jump firmly. The folded dimensions are approximately 1000mmx600mmx300mm.

  4. Bundled with reserved rope, tied cross on both sides, tightened tightly, the rope end should be plugged, and the rope should not be loosened and the rope buckle should not fall off, and should not be dragged.

  5. After folding, the small road emblem and tarpaulin number on the tarp should be completely and clearly exposed.

   Avoid collisions with sharp metals when using the tarp. If you find any damage to the tarp, you should repair it in time. The above is the method of folding and packing the tarpaulin, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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