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Clean method of plastic tarpaulin

After the plastic tarpaulin manufacturer is used, it needs to be washed and dried before it can be put away. So what should be done?
When cleaning pvc knife coated tarpaulin, use gentle and even pressure. Do not brush too hard to avoid short lines or scarring. Use clean water or detergent, do not contact with acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances, so as to avoid corrosion, degumming and deformation. After cleaning, it should be placed in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally. Do not bake it in a place exposed to the sun or at a high temperature to prevent degumming or degumming and accelerate aging.

Tarpaulins sold in the market are now almost rain and shade performance, of course, some consumers will question if the tarpaulin shade and rainproof function, so its service life will be reduced, tents, as a professional manufacturer, we introduce here Awning tents also allow you to have a better knowledge of tarpaulins.
In fact, the color of the awning can be kept for more than 3 years when used outdoors and even longer when used indoors. First, the awning is thickened and court woven from 450D dyed silk fibers. At the same time, they also need to undergo waterproof paint, environmental protection and other procedures. Manufacturers of high-quality awnings can use this awning as awnings, awnings, fixed awnings and sunscreens. waterproof cap manufacturer
Due to the particularity of the plastic tarpaulin material, it has the characteristics of good color, fashion, good corrosion resistance, etc., and there are many varieties of tarpaulin colors.