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Features and precautions of membrane structure consumables pvc tarpaulin

Studies have shown that the power consumption of a long-term open-air warehouse vehicle is 1 x times faster than that of a vehicle parked in the hall. Membrane structure pvc tarpaulin can really take care of your car and slow down the aging speed of your car. Entering from an economic point of view does not significantly extend the life of your ride.

Important features of pvc tarpaulin:

1- Optical transmission Optical transmission (20% transmission). Is the sun poor, resistant to yellowing, fogging, and translucent;

(2) The human and material safety of the large-span space and the lightweight, membrane structure canopy are absolutely guaranteed.

3. The surface of the resistive and UV-resistant co-extruded layer can prevent the yellowing of the resin from solar ultraviolet radiation caused by fatigue;

4. High durability PVDF high fixed voltage is membrane, membrane structure, in the Shanghai World Expo Park, scales as a common bird's nest life 15-30;

(5) According to the national GB8624-97 test, the flame retardant of the flame retardant is B1, water droplets, and no gas.

Membrane structure cover note:

(1) The film needs to be adhered to the company to provide the establishment credentials. Make sure to build a safe tent.

2. The film is adhered to the company, and a legally binding contract and a regional aircraft are signed at the time and distance that the tent needs to be covered during the contract period.

3. The film adheres to the structure of the tent rental insurance demand supply project.

4. The rented area of ​​the main cover is a membrane structure, and the price is reasonable.

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