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Five advantages and characteristics of high-quality pvc light box cloth

The characteristics of high-quality pvc light box cloth:

1. Strong color fastness: the light cloth with poor color fastness will not only fade but also change the color of the screen.

2. Excellent ink absorption function: The ink absorption function directly determines the fullness of the screen color and the color shelf life.

3. Excellent splicing function: Light cloth with poor splicing function is not safe and will affect the overall function of the picture. 4. Appearance self-cleaning: Because the cloth absorbs a lot of dust and impurities, the screen becomes very dirty and affects the effect.

5. Through anti-mold treatment: the exterior of the light cloth has begun to be moldy, which not only affects the effect of the picture, but also affects the feelings of the audience.

PVC light box cloth is a combination of PVC material and mesh light guide fiber. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, uniform light transmission, easy to split and splice, and simple outdoor installation. It is especially suitable for color printing; it can achieve waterproof, mildew resistance, Anti-olefin, anti-cold and heat, anti-ultraviolet and other effects. Because the light box cloth has strong typhoon resistance, it is especially suitable for making large outdoor advertising signs.

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