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How to choose a membrane structure carport

1. Consider the functional requirements of the membrane structure carport.

Membrane structure carport is a project with the basic function of inflatable structure pvc fabric shading and rain protection. In order to meet the future development of automation, the most important membrane structure carport projects should adopt fire protection functions, which can be configured to provide solar energy and self-cleaning functions;

2. Consider the basic requirements of steel.

Membrane structure carports have some units with smaller embedded parts, which are not thoughtful requirements, therefore, may lead to a large number of unpredictable risks for later use;

3. Study the technical parameters of selective membrane structure carport membrane.

Whether the membrane structure carport chooses domestic or imported membrane, the same type of membrane has different technical parameters to choose. If the thickness and color of the domestic film are available, various accessories can also be selected. The technical parameters of these membranes should be selected according to their own needs and environmental water requirements, pressure resistance and other requirements.