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How to clean a small outdoor inflatable tent

Many people take care to clean their outdoor equipment when returning from camping, but do not pay attention to the tent. Some people even think that the tent does not need care or cleaning. In fact, it is very important to organize and maintain outdoor inflatable tents after use. It is related to the service life of the tent and directly affects the future use.

Follow the procedure below to make a small inflatable tent:

1. Wipe the bottom of the tent clean and wipe off the sediment. If there is any pollution, you can use clean water to scrub quietly.

2. Cool the tents inside and outside the tents, and collect them after they recover from the dryness. If there is no time to cool the tents outside the tents, please remember not to store them for a long time to avoid dyeing hair and mildew outside the tent

3. Sort out the sediment on the struts.

4. Check the tent accessories and the intact condition.. Whether the brazing and repair kits on the ground are intact..

5. Should not be used so as not to affect the waterproof effect of detergent washing. In particular, some chemical substances, for example, it is simple to clean the tent with uneven colors, acids, alkalis and the like, or use a brush with a bristles to easily damage the tent.

Next time you come back from a trip, don't throw the tent aside or tuck it in a corner. It is very likely that next time I take it out, it will be moldy. This is not only a huge loss, but also a lot of inconvenience to outdoor sports. It is inevitable to affect the mood of travel.