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How to paste the PVC light box cloth when installing?

Light box cloth: screen printing, stickers, etc.

Organic board: the picture is pasted with self-adhesive or organic board engraved and pasted

Installation method of organic board:

Use a flashlight to drill holes and fix the screws on the box.

Installation method in pvc light box:

Use nylon rope, iron wire, etc. to pull the four sides and fix it on the box.

Welding racks are also better, both beautiful and three-dimensional. If you really don't want to solder the shelf, just imagine the effect on the photo, there are 2 simple ways.

1. Go directly to the advertising company and ask them to spray an advertising screen with the external adhesive material (remember to tell them the external adhesive material and outdoor ink). After it's done, just stick it directly on the wall.

2. Use the inkjet cloth to spray a piece of advertising cloth for you. Take it back and post it on the wall in 3 seconds (also tell them that it is for outdoor use).

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