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How to use plastic tarpaulin for waterproofing

In the production of plastic tarpaulin, pvc tarpaulin fabric,PE film is coated on both sides of PE woven fabric. The strength, density, weight and hardness of the tarpaulin can meet the requirements of various occasions and environments when PE woven fabrics are coated on both sides. After the goods are treated with waterproof coating, they have good waterproof and rainproof functions. How to play the waterproof function of tarpaulin?

When heavy rain comes, we need to cover the cargo with plastic tarpaulin to prevent rain erosion. But a lot of people were in a mess, and the tarpaulins were crumpled and didn't have the desired effect. This is because you don't know the rules for using tarps. How to cover the goods quickly and neatly? Wholesalers from tarpaulin manufacturers tell you that you have to push the tarpaulin out before repairing the four corners of the tarpaulin. If possible, put a cushion under the cargo to make them waterproof.

The grounding pegs should be fixed at an angle of inclination, and the viewing angle should be 35 to 45 degrees. The distance and direction of the grounding pin into the ground should be the same as the distance and direction of the rope. Please pay attention to the corresponding fixed order, such as: first left front, then right back, right front, left back. After the tarpaulin is fixed, adjust the drawstring so that the tension in all aspects is universal. The skirt of the tarp is tied with rope to make it more windproof.

When supporting the tarpaulin, special attention should be paid to tightening the tarpaulin to ensure the firmness of the tarpaulin. The tarpaulin should meet the coverage standard of tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is only used for wet flammable goods transported in open vehicles or other goods that need to be covered with a tarpaulin. Corrosive and polluting items are not allowed to use toxic substances and rotten plastic tarpaulins.