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How to use pvc tarpaulin to build tents in special areas?

PVC tents are usually used outdoors, and the choice of pvc tarpaulin is also very important. However, the outdoor environment is always impossible to be so perfect. So how to set up a tent in a harsh environment?

1. Slope

Generally speaking, it is still possible to find a sloping flat land on a slope. The key is that the friction between the sleeping bag and the moisture-proof pad is small when you sleep at night, and the person will slide down. If the slope is too large, then you cannot sleep. Solution:

1. When there are two people. Then when setting up a tent, you can choose to camp under the tent with two trees close together. If you can't find such a place, you can put two big rocks underneath, and put the backpack between the trees or the rocks. , So that when you go to bed at night, head up and step on the bottom of the backpack to fall asleep. But it won't roll off.

2. If it is a person, then it is better to solve it. When choosing to camp, you only need to lean the side of the tent against a tree or stone, and then place the backpack between the tree or stone, so that the overall weight of the person will be pressed to the side On the backpack.

2. The area of ​​the camp is too small or there are too many rocks at the bottom to clean up. In such a situation, it should be used flexibly according to the geographical situation at the time.

1. If the bottom is uneven and there is no thick mat, it is easy to damage the tarp. At this time, you can find dead grass or leaves to spread to the bottom and fill it.

2. If the area of ​​the camp is too small and there is no way to clean it, you can only open the tent at this time, and sleep somewhere flat. The key is not to hang the bottom of the tent to avoid crushing the tarp.

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