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Introduction to the main use and price of PVC coated cloth

PVC coated fabric is widely used in life. Such as a large cloth covered with cargo on the highway, and raincoat is also made of pvc coated fabric 

This special fabric is used in industry instead of being used in people’s daily life. In the field of trana The main function of this cloth is to prevent water from the freights that are not allowed to be in contact with water. The PVC coated fabric could also be used in mining industry; the cloth could be  to guide air into the deep underground mine where there is very thin Oxygen. People living in the northern part of China might notice that the city heating pipes are usually covered by the PVC coated fabric, which could reduce the amount of heat flowing into the surrounding environment and conserve energy.

Besides,pvc coated fabric can used in building tents and temporary housing,etc.Due to the extensive application of pvc coated fabric,there are many manufacturers and the supply is large on the market.The fabric is general comsumer goods with not expensive price. The specific price depends on the quantity you buy ,if you wholesale ,it would be cheaper