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Introducing the simple content of tarpaulin

The material of tarpaulin is generally fabric woven from resin synthetic materials. Let me introduce a simple knowledge about tarpaulin for us below:

On the one hand, according to the different main materials of tarpaulin, it can be divided into pp tarpaulin, pe tarpaulin and pvc tarpaulin, etc. They are all very good fabrics. On the other hand, in many open-air parking lots, tarpaulins are used as the main material for the roof. This is mainly because tarpaulins have very good heat absorption, heat resistance and waterproof properties.

First, the tarpaulin is only used for wet and flammable goods that are transported by thatch open car, or other goods that require thatch tarpaulin.

Second, the tarpaulin used for loading must be of good quality, with complete tarpaulin ropes, complete and clear markings and numbers.

3. Railway tarpaulins shall not be borrowed or used for other purposes, and railway tarpaulins shall not be mixed with self-provided tarpaulins.

Fourth, the tarpaulin cannot be horizontally thatched, paddle, or in the car, nor can it replace loading reinforcement materials.

To clean the underside of the tarp, wipe off the sediment, if there is pollution, you can gently scrub with clean water. Then, you should dry the inner and outer tents of the tarp, and put it away after it is dry again. If it is too late to dry the tent, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to avoid staining and mildew. Once again, clean up the silt on the struts and check the tarpaulin attachments and their integrity. Otherwise, wash with detergent to avoid affecting the waterproof effect of the tarp.