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Introduction to the difference between PVC waterproof tarpaulin and PE tarpaulin

What is the raw material of pvc tarpaulin

There are many kinds of materials used in tarpaulin, and what people call now tarpaulin is a broad concept, not necessarily made of cloth. There are usually the following types of tarpaulins that can be used on the market:

1. Textiles, that is, cloth in the true sense.

2. If the shelter area is not wide, it can be made of PVC or nylon materials.

3. The occlusion surface is wider, but what is occluded is not too important. Like the tarpaulin used to cover grass in the countryside, tarp is generally sufficient.

Product characteristics and performance indicators

1. Tensile strength index: warp strength ≥ 2100N/5CM, weft strength ≥ 1600N/5CM; 2. No water leakage, water pressure resistance value ≥ 2000MM water column; 3. Low temperature resistance, cold resistance temperature of -20℃; 4 .It can prevent mildew, and the anti-mold experiment is level one.

Product Usage

1. It can be used for freight tarpaulins for cars, trains and ships; 2. It can be used to cover the stacks of open-air warehouses in stations, wharfs, seaports and airports; 3. It can be used to build temporary granaries and open-air coverings for various crops;

The main ingredients of the plastic-coated cloth formula are: dioctyl resin, epoxy methyl ester, paraffin wax, resin, calcium powder, PVC plastic-coated cloth/waterproof nylon cloth. It has excellent mildew resistance, waterproof, and is more waterproof and cold-proof than other canvases. , Windproof, wear-resistant and durable, customized pe tarpaulin, low temperature softness, good air permeability; high strength, strong tensile force, relatively light. The scope of application of this product: agricultural sun-dried grain and grass, tarp manufacturers, storage of grain grass and cotton, 1 leaf of tobacco, storage of papermaking raw materials, grassland pastures to prevent wind and sand, greenhouse vegetables to cover; places where bu teams need tarpaulins; boats Transportation, ship tents, bulk cargo covers, cargo covers; tents, Shaoxing tarps, tents for tourism and field operations, disaster relief tents; industrial and mining enterprises: printing tablecloths for printing plants; cloth for anti-leakage storage tanks of rare earth mines; automobile transportation: Car tarpaulin; railway transportation: waterproof tarpaulin for train cards and battlefields; tarpaulin advertising: light box advertising, balloon advertising, and banner advertising cloth for buildings; docks and ports: waterproof, sun-proof and protective tarpaulins for open-air storage; construction Construction site: temporary housing materials and building site enclosure protection cloth, packaging machinery and packaging machines, etc.; Three-prevention headquarters: three-prevention reserve materials, tarpaulins for leakage prevention of dams; breeding industry: can be used as a variety of breeding farms Roller blinds, roller blinds for pig farms, cattle farms, chicken farms, etc.; other deep-processed industrial products: aprons, stage performance greenhouses, canvas covers, canvas bags, etc.

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