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How to prevent plastic tarpaulin from aging

PE waterproof tarpaulin generally has good rainproof and sunscreen function. In the process of use, pay attention to its aging problem.

After use, the lid surface must be kept dry to prevent mold and rot. The parts of the lid should be put together. And after a period of time, it should be taken out to dry to avoid the influence of moisture.

When covering the cargo, pay attention to the ventilation openings. If the seal is too tight, the cargo may be damaged by moisture. If the tarpaulin is used for a long time, the surface adhesive layer will age and leak. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the oil cloth in time.

According to the different properties of the tarpaulin covers fabric:
High strength, folding resistance, good waterproof performance, can be used for automobile transportation coverage and outdoor storage, and can also be used to store natural sports goods; fine weft and warp yarns are used to make protective work clothes and protective products, and can also be used for dyed shoes and travel bags , backpack, etc.

Therefore, we must know more about the use and maintenance of plastic tarpaulin products. Only by doing well in these areas can we avoid aging problems and affect the use of stains.