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Production process classification of pvc light box cloth

According to the production process, pvc light box cloth is divided into three types: calendering method light box cloth, knife scraping method light box cloth, and pasting legal light box cloth.
Calendering method:
The calendering method is to fully mix various raw materials such as PVC powder and liquid plasticizer, and then bond with the base fabric into a whole under the pressure of a high-temperature hot roller. Its characteristic is that the surface is smooth, and the light transmission is even, and it has advantages on the inner lighting lamp cloth. However, due to the limitation of equipment, the width is generally not more than 3 meters.

Knife scraping method:
The knife-scraping light box cloth process is to apply the liquid PVC slurry evenly on the front and back of the base cloth with a number of anti-scrapers, and then use a drying process to completely combine them into a whole, and then cool and shape. It is characterized by strong anti-permeability, tensile strength and anti-peeling ability. Because the knife scraping method is a whole, the peeling phenomenon can be eliminated, and the strength of the joint can be greater than the product itself through welding. At present, the light box fabric width of this technology can reach 5 meters. Due to the complicated production process and the relatively expensive production equipment, such products are mainly imported in the Chinese market, and the price is relatively high.
Posting legally:
The pasting of the legal light box cloth is to form the upper and lower layers of the PVC film, which are heated and bonded with the light guide fiber mesh in the middle under the pressure of the heat roller, and then cooled to form. The biggest feature of this process is its excellent inkjet ink absorption and strong color expression. Therefore, with the rise of large-scale inkjet printing, it also brings infinite vitality to this type of light box cloth. At present, the market share of this kind of light box cloth in China has exceeded 70%.