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Projection screen tips

With the continuous in-depth development of technology, the projection screen has evolved from the traditional single display effect to the current high-definition display. Therefore, in addition to the great application in business, projection screens are gradually being put into home use, providing people with larger screens and higher-definition pictures for watching movies and television. I believe that many people have already experienced the perfect visual experience brought by modern projection screens, but I believe that many people do not know the knowledge of projection screens very well, especially these important projection screen knowledge.

I believe that many people have only learned about the most common hand-held screens. The following editor will briefly introduce the types of screens and detailed operation methods for you. At present, projection screens can be divided into manual screens, electric screens, cable screens, bracket screens, floor screens and frame screens according to their types.

1. The manual screen is the most common screen, which is opened and closed by hand. This is the most common and common screen.

2. The electric screen is driven by a motor, and the lifting, stopping, and putting down of the screen is controlled by wired or wireless means.

3. The cable-drawn screen is based on the electric screen with cable-tensioned on both sides of the screen to ensure the flatness of the screen. It is mainly used in soft screens and sound-transparent screens.

4. There is a camcorder-like tripod under the bracket screen. Open the bracket when using it and pull up the screen. The bracket screen is mainly used for business presentations because it is portable and easy to collect.

5. The floor curtain adopts the form of folding poles, which hides the curtain in a rectangular box. When using it, it can be used only by opening the box and pulling it up, which is convenient to carry. It is also suitable for business mobile presentations.

6. The frame curtain is to fix the curtain on the wall through a structure similar to a picture frame. The frame curtain tightens the kapok on the frame through springs and screws, so the flatness is very good. And it can be cleaned very conveniently. When cleaning, you only need to wipe it gently with a chicken feather blanket or a dry cloth. Then the editor will introduce to you based on the current projection screen ratio. The current projection screen ratio mainly has five specifications: 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 2.35:1.

1. The 1:1 screen is specially customized.

2, 4:3 is the most conventional business presentation screen.

3. 16:9 is the ratio of high-definition home machines. Now 99.8% of home high-definition projectors use 16:9 format. When using a 16:9 screen to watch the screen projected by a high-definition home projector, the field of view will be very wide. Watching the video will be very comfortable.

4. For the 16:10 display, the resolution lower than 1680X1050 is 1440X900, and the lower resolution is 1280X800, and the lower resolution is basically nothing.

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