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Related knowledge of mesh tarpaulin

Our mesh tarpaulins are made of new polyethylene and polyethylene as raw materials, coated with imported PVC paste resin, and added with chemical additives such as accelerators, antifungal agents, antiaging agents, imported antifreeze agents, and antistatic agents. . This tarpaulin is tightly woven, double-coated, triple-layered, thickened and reinforced, with good performance and strong water resistance.
Advantages: 1. pvc waterproof polyester 2. Sunscreen 3. Anti-freeze 4. Anti-aging 5. Anti-corrosion 6. No peculiar smell 7. Easy to fold 8. Tear resistance
Special use: The waterproof cloth mesh has the characteristics of translucent, dustproof, rainproof, windproof, coldproof, lighting, heat preservation, etc., which is superior to other waterproof cloths.

Product Details:
1. Stereo Pack: Lightweight and beautiful stitching, durable and easy to fold
2. Heat sealing and crimping: using advanced technology, high temperature sealing around, no pinholes, water leakage, cracks
3. Metal grommets: Four sides and corners can be installed with metal aluminum grommets, which are easy to fix and durable.
4. Thickened corners: Four corners are installed with plastic corners, which are beautiful and durable.
Some consumers will think, if the mesh tarpaulin has the function of sunshade and rainproof, will its service life be shortened? As an enterprise specializing in the production of tarpaulins, Qingdao Haixin Jinpeng will introduce to you the situation of tarpaulins, so that you can better understand the tarpaulins:

In fact, the basic color of outdoor mesh tarps can last for more than 3 years when used outdoors, and even longer when used indoors. At the same time, the tarpaulin needs waterproof, environmental protection and other processes. Tarpaulins can be used outdoors, such as awning tents. Due to the particularity of the tarpaulin material selection, it has the characteristics of bright color, fashion and good corrosion resistance. Plus, the mesh tarps come in a variety of colors, so you can choose according to your preferences.