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Related knowledge of PVC Knife Coated Tarpaulin

PVC knife coated tarpaulin is a very common material that is used for many purposes. These tarpaulins are a polyester base fabric that is coated with a layer of PVC knife coating. The knife coating makes the tarpaulin more elastic and has a higher peel strength. In addition, the PVC knife coating gives the tarpaulin a good gloss and smooth surface.

PVC knife coating is a process that is performed using a hot melt PVC machine. The film is heated to high temperatures, then laminated onto a polyester base fabric. This machine is very fast and offers a very low running cost. The downside of a hot melt tarpaulin machine is that it has a limited number of settings for the temperature and pressure that are applied to the PVC film. This process can produce low-quality material, but is good for materials that have a short life span.

PVC knife coated tarpaulin is available in many different colors and is ideal for many different industrial applications. It is also available with anti-UV and PVDF coatings. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, including industrial and building construction.