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The usage of push-pull telescopic tent

The retractable awning is a commercial product, which has various external shading functions, which can completely block ultraviolet radiation, reduce indoor temperature and reduce the load of air conditioning; retractable awnings have energy-saving effects, retractable awnings, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection Considering that the Zhenjiang awning is of great significance; the retractable awning, while shielding the hot summer, can reflect strong sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, making the indoor light bright and not dazzling.

1. The retractable awning has external shading functions on all sides, which can completely block ultraviolet radiation, reduce indoor temperature, push and pull the awning, and reduce air conditioning load;

2. The retractable awning has an energy-saving effect. The retractable awning is of great significance from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection;


Earthquake resistance: Most of the low-level residential areas or villas are sloped roofs. This kind of roofing mechanism uses triangular roof trusses made of cold-formed steel structural parts. Sliding awning manufacturers, light steel components after sealing structural plates and gypsum boards, A very strong'slab-rib structure system' is formed, and the sliding canopy is quoted. This kind of structural system has very good seismic resistance and horizontal load resistance.

Wind resistance: The steel profile structure building is lighter in weight, high in strength, and has good overall rigidity. It can resist the wind of 60-70 meters per second and play a better protective role.

Insulation: Mainly uses heat preservation and heat insulation materials, which have good heat preservation and heat insulation functions.

Comfort: The steel structure adopts a high-efficiency energy-saving system and has an excellent breathing function, which can adjust the dry humidity of the air in the house, and the roof has a good ventilation effect.

The sun panel canopy is produced through a co-extrusion process of the anti-ultraviolet UV layer and the main material polycarbonate, thus ensuring the stability of the product against ultraviolet radiation. It prevents the sun panel from fading due to aging and decomposition and the light transmittance is reduced. The service life of the product reaches more than ten years. The sun awning can withstand the corrosion of various organic acids, inorganic acids, weak alkalis, vegetable oils, neutral salt solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohol at room temperature.

Light transmittance

Good light transmittance (light transmittance as high as 88%). Exposure to the sun will not produce yellowing, fogging, and poor light transmission.

Weather resistance

The surface has a UV-proof co-extruded layer, which can prevent the resin from fatigue and yellowing caused by sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The surface co-extruded layer has chemical bonds to absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into visible light. The specifications and dimensions of the sun panel canopy have a good stabilizing effect on plant photosynthesis.

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