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Types of PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

PVC tarpaulin is a waterproof and windproof material that is used in construction. It has a ripstop pvc coating on both sides that reinforces the structure and makes it sturdy enough to support heavy weights. It is also scratch and flame resistant. Its ripstop polyester woven fabric is 100% water proof and strong enough for heavy-duty applications. You can use this material in gazebos, tents, and shoes.

PVC tarpaulin is commonly made of polyester, but other types of fabric are also used. Polyester is a popular choice because it is lightweight and highly waterproof, yet still possesses excellent breathability. It is also long-lasting and durable. This lightweight material is an excellent choice for temporary tents and tarpaulins. It can also be used for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and outdoor sporting events.

Another type of PVC tarpaulin is called cold lamination. The PVC films are laminated onto polyester base fabric using a cold lamination machine. This process is faster and cheaper than hot lamination, but the quality of the finished product is not as high as the former. Cold lamination is not ideal for large-scale construction projects or for high-end tarpaulins.

PVC tarpaulin is a versatile material that has a smooth, three-dimensional appearance. It also has a high ink absorption capacity. It can be adhered with high strength under both oily and aqueous ink conditions. Its wide range of applications includes canopy coverings, garden coverings, and paper cartons. It is also used in construction and logistics.