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Waterproof Performance of Truck Tarpaulin Fabric

Truck tarpaulins are available in a variety of sizes and types, depending on your needs. Their primary purpose is to protect items from the elements. Some are light, so you can use them to cover packages for protection. Others are heavy-duty and UV-treated, which are ideal for truck covers. There are also large, waterproof tarpaulins that cover the entire truck. Some are also designed to be used as a mat or tent. They can also be made with reinforced ends for additional durability.

The durability of a tarpaulin is often determined by the material's resistance to oxidation. PVC, for example, has chlorine atoms bound to its carbon chains, making it very durable. Because of this, it retains its performance over time, and is a preferred material for truck tarpaulins.

Waterproof tarps are made of heavy-duty fabric that resists rain and wind. These tarps are often used to cover appliances and provide shelter during bushcraft. Despite being a durable, heavy-duty covering, tarps are also lightweight and inexpensive.

The thickness of the tarp is another important feature to consider. Heavy-duty tarps are often more than ten mils thick. Commercial-quality tarps are around fifteen to sixteen mils thick. The thickness of a tarp is very important, as a thin tarp can tear easily along its edges and borderline. Look for reinforced edges and plastic or metal grommets around the edges. In addition, check the seams for durability.