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What are the chemical raw materials in pvc tarpaulin?

What are the chemical raw materials in pvc tarpaulin?

There are many kinds of materials used in tarpaulin, and what people call now tarpaulin is a broad concept, not necessarily made of cloth.

  Tarpaulin is a tarpaulin that is produced through technological production and processing, which is used as waterproof material or moisture-proof and anti-freezing. It is made of fiber materials and organic chemicals as raw materials, and is made through the production process.

  The standard raw material composition of tarpaulin is a cloth blank that is hand-woven from tensile-resistant polyester cloth, which is produced and processed by appropriately matching other small amounts of chemical raw materials.

The key component of PVC tarpaulin is polyethylene. In the production and processing of PVC tarpaulin, many auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and anti-aging agents are added to improve its performance. The surface layer is thickened with epoxy resin and other additives. With resistance to climate change and good reliability

Generally, there are several types of tarpaulins available on the market:

1. Textiles, that is, cloth in the true sense.

2. If the shelter area is not wide, it can be made of PVC or nylon materials.

3. The occlusion surface is wider, but the occlusion is not too important. Like the tarpaulin used to cover grass in the countryside, tarpaulin is generally sufficient.

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