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What are the main structure and advantages of PVC tarpaulin house?

First, the PVC tarpaulin house adopts the main structure of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles and the construction principle of aluminum frame box beams. Between the pillars supporting the steel components, the roof adopts the shoulder straps suspended by wire ropes, and the base fabric of the roof and outer walls. The choice of material aluminum alloy profile GB/T-6063 standard, passed the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, non-ferrous metal materials are qualified. The awning has a solid foundation of engineering, material and structure integrity and high safety. The building structure achieves strict European standards. Wind test and destruction test of the overall structure of professional institutions.

Second, the tent is made of professional PVC coated fabric. Long-lasting bond properties: The knife uses liquid PVC coating technology and chemical fiber bonding, and directly blows the coating fabric; weld performance after welding: the strong fabric can withstand great tension, even in harsh environments, such as Hurricane, frequent operation, waterproof cloth will not affect the degree of sealing of welding; long service life: resistance not only gives good anti-ultraviolet resistance to the specific thickness of the knife coated fabric, but also prolongs the service life of the product, with good color fastness and direct paint As it enters into the PVC coating, the knife-coated fabric can keep the color as beautiful as new. Anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet, flame-retardant properties and other international standards (M2 and B1), properly used and stored, there will be no mold or rot within three to five years.

Third, support the system. There are about six series of matching tents, including walls, floors, furniture, lamps, fabrics and its integrated facilities. All integrated designs are only limited by imagination. Mainly for different attributes, the specific solutions of Wind Talk provide a comprehensive and complete space.