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What are the types of PVC light box cloth and the characteristics of inkjet cloth?

The types of PVC light box cloth materials are divided into: light box cloth, car sticker, bright spot matte sticker, special film, brightness enhancement film, uniform light film, light blocking film and other spot colors.
The production of PVC light box cloth material is mainly used in: outdoor high-end sign production, window decoration, sign guide, glass decoration and anti-collision, body decoration, etc. Many industries such as: finance, insurance, securities, mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, post, power grid, supermarkets, hotels, pharmacies, cake shops and well-known chain stores all use signs made of light box cloth materials.

As a material produced through a certain production process with PVC as raw material, inkjet cloth (commonly known as light box cloth) is mainly used for outdoor advertising inkjet production.
 Light box printing cloth is basically produced by domestic manufacturers, and its market share in China has exceeded 70%. Because of the mature domestic production technology, high quality and low price, the products are exported to many countries abroad.
Inkjet cloth has several characteristics:
1. Super strong reflective intensity: His reflective technology is based on the most advanced micro-lattice all-reflective reflective material in the world. It has super reflective intensity, and the typical reflective intensity can reach 300cd/lx/m2.
2. It can be directly sprayed: its surface layer is made of PVC polymer material, which has strong ink absorption and can be sprayed directly.
3. Convenient to use: The base material types include mesh cloth and PVC self-adhesive type. The base layer of the mesh cloth has super tensile strength, which can be used like ordinary mesh cloth. It can be directly sprayed and installed directly; The PVC self-adhesive type can be directly pasted on any smooth fabric.