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What effect will the tarp have if it falls off the vehicle?

Most of the current tarpaulins are used in vehicle transportation to escort the goods. However, the use of tarpaulins on vehicles may cause the tarpaulins to fall off due to improper installation or other factors. Then, once the tarpaulins fall off the vehicle What impact will it have?

1. After the tarp falls off, the goods are easily blown off by strong wind and wet by rain, causing loss of the goods and increasing the insured amount. Moreover, the falling off of the tarp also provides opportunities for cargo thieves.

2. To a certain extent, the tarpaulin will fall off, which will damage the image of the road. More importantly, it will increase the trouble for the cargo owner and choose other transportation methods.

3. The road transportation safety is threatened. The tarpaulin of trucks falls off on the way, which can easily cause accidents such as scratching of railway driving equipment and injuring pedestrians.

Therefore, you need to pay attention when using tarpaulin:

1. Fix it in accordance with relevant requirements, pay attention to the weather forecast, and fasten the tarpaulin for strong winds.

2. When using the tarp, it is easy to estimate the surface condition of the covered object, and check it when covering it to avoid scratching the tarp with sharp objects.

3. In the process of storage and transportation, the tarpaulin should be used as much as possible. We often use a rope to gather it when storing it to avoid excessive force, which will damage the tarpaulin.

4. General tarpaulins do not have fire protection function and are flammable, so when storing and using, pay attention to the principle of fire and heat sources.