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What kind of PVC screen material is good for the projector?

The most important partner of the projector is the projection screen. A good projection screen can raise the screen of the projector to a higher level, so as to obtain a better effect.

The most important main performance of projection cloth is gain and viewing angle, and the material of the projection screen directly determines these two parameters. Under normal circumstances, the projection screen has a high gain value, the screen on the light projector looks more, and then the human eyes feel the screen with high brightness, and the projection screen displays clearly. More dimming screen gain value is relatively low, the light on the screen, the screen on the clear screen becomes worse. The screen has the same perspective as the LCD TV perspective, it is the angle at which you can better see the screen from the side, viewing angle, and larger proven projection screens.

Therefore, when choosing a projection screen, you should choose according to the performance of the projector. For example, a model with higher brightness should choose a low-gain projection screen to reduce the reflection of the screen light and increase the layering and color reproduction of the picture. . For projectors with low brightness, you can choose a high-gain projection screen to increase the brightness.

The common projection screen materials on the market now include white plastic screens, glass bead screens, metal screens, gray screens, etc. The material of the projection screen has a great influence on the reflection of light and the viewing angle. Generally, the glass bead screens and Gray screen, cost-effective is also relatively good.

When choosing the installation method of the projection screen, there are generally manual screens, electric screens, bracket screens, floor screens and picture frame screens. It is recommended to use a picture frame screen at home, which not only saves space, but also has a better flatness of the screen.

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