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What needs attention in the bundling process of pvc tarpaulin

Nowadays, the use of tarpaulin in real life has been very popular. The tarpaulin not only has the functions of preventing rain and shading, but also can be used to make tents. However, how to put the tarp away after we use it is a more difficult problem. Now I will briefly talk about the folding of the tarpaulin for everyone.

When we fold the tarpaulin, the first thing we need to pay attention to is to unfold the tarpaulin with the front side upwards, flow out two side ropes, fold the two sides in the length direction to the center line of the tarpaulin, and then fold the two sides of the tarp. Divide the sides into three equal parts and fold them twice toward the center line. Third, fold the two sides of the tarp in the width direction of the tarp toward the transverse midline of the tarp, and fold them in half toward the middle three times in a row, and then be firm. In addition, it is tied with reserved rope, tied cross on both sides, tied tightly, and the end of the rope is plugged.

When using it to cover the cargo, pay attention to reserve vents. If it is too tight, it will cause moisture to damage the cargo. If water seepage occurs after using it for too long, the tarp should be replaced. Secondly, it should also be noted that during use, try to avoid collisions with sharp metals. If there is any damage, you can use glue to repair it.

The above is the method and process of folding and binding the tarp. I hope to help everyone!

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