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Detailed description of truck pvc tarpaulin fabric

The truck pvc tarpaulin uses fabric parts. It is mainly divided into three parts: foreign account fabrics. Inner tent fabric and tent bottom fabric

For external accounts, there are currently five types of tents on the market for sale: (i), nylon (nylon): the scientific name is polyamide fiber. Mainly nylon 66 and nylon 62 kinds, the domestic designated nylon, namely nylon 66 and nylon 6. Nylon tensile strength, strange and smooth color. Not easy to fade, soft texture, and excellent strength, canvas cotton tent. Not easy to shape. It is currently the most widely used material. (2) Canvas: Canvas tent factory. Strong waterproof and good heat preservation effect. The sun is not hot, but the texture is hard and bulky, easy to form and fade. The economic benefit has always been lower than that of nylon and has been gradually eliminated. (3) Compare canvas tent factory.

When it comes to internal tents, many people are concerned about the waterproof, resistance, and beauty of the truck tarpaulin. The internal tent is also very important.

Internal account. It is usually made of fine cotton-type nylon yarn, which is breathable. From an application point of view. The performance of nylon yarn is better than that of cotton. The nature of camping, the tent is easy to absorb moisture, and the cotton is dry and not easy to mold. Nylon yarn is easy to dry and not easy to shape.

The main function of the lower material is waterproof and moisture-proof. dust. The choice of basic materials also determines the quality of the tent. High-quality tents usually use polyethylene material (PE) as the base material, but also polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is low cost. Double-sided laminated PE. It is waterproof. Moisture-proof function, but easy to carry and leak. Winter is the trajectory of PVC substrates. Cold weather will make it hard, fragile, easy to crease or break. And polyurethane (PU) coated Oxford cloth as the substrate: Is it strong and resistant to cold? Or more water resistance than PE and PVC. PU coating can not only overcome the shortcomings of PVC, but also has good water resistance. Beijing canvas tent. Multi-coated pu, waterproof pressure can reach more than 2000mm.

For the waterproof performance of tent fabrics, its technical index is generally the degree of waterproofness. The waterproof index of tents is expressed in mm (mm). There will be a tool in the tent factory to determine the waterproof properties of the tent fabric: clip the sample tent into a garden-shaped kit with a diameter of about seven centimeters, the lower part of the group is a system that can lay water under pressure, which is pressurized Electric means to determine how much water pressure can be used to pass the fabric in the tent. As the pressure increases, soon the first drop of water passes through the tent sample. This pressure is not the final result until the third drop of water in the bread tent fabric sample. Then press the value as the final result. It is really important that if the pressure value is 1600mm, then the tent has 1600mm water resistance. This 1600mm corresponds to 1. 6 meters high water column pressure penetrating into the tent fabric.

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