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Membrane structure canopy has good light transmittance

Tarpaulin covers fabric is a kind of spatial structure that is made of a variety of high-strength film materials and reinforcing members to generate a certain pre-tensioning stress inside to form a certain spatial shape as a covering structure and can withstand a certain external load. .

Membrane structure canopy material is membrane structure, and the biggest feature of membrane material is high strength, good durability, fire and flame resistance, good self-cleaning, not affected by ultraviolet rays, and long service life, generally 15-30 years. It has high light transmittance, the light transmittance is 13%, the heat reflectivity is 73%, and the heat absorption is very small. It is precisely because of the invention of this epoch-making membrane material that the membrane structure carport has become a modern permanent building.

Relying on membrane structure, modeling, and color science, it can combine natural conditions and ethnic customs to create curves and shapes that are difficult to achieve in traditional buildings according to the architect's creativity. Membrane structure is an architect's romantic vision, enjoying a romantic space like nature. Because the film material itself has good light transmittance, the building space can get natural diffuse sunlight during the day, which can save a lot of energy for lighting. For buildings of the same size, if the membrane structure is used, the cost is only half or less than that of traditional buildings, especially when the buildings are short-term and long-span buildings, it is more economical.