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Recommendations for the use of car tarpaulins

Different colors of car tarpaulins are not to make the appearance beautiful, but to choose different colors according to different cargo transportation and different uses.
Due to the different goods transported by the car, the sensitivity of the goods to light is also different. Different colored car tarps reflect light differently. For example, gray reflection is less effective than green radiation, so it needs to be covered with a tarp of a different color.
If the same pvc tarpaulin fabric is used, some shipments will be affected by light and temperature rise, or damaged by UV radiation. Tarpaulins of different colors are used for different cargo transportation. Transportation practitioners must pay attention to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

How to avoid falling off when the car tarpaulin is in use:
During the transportation of goods, the tarpaulin falls off, and the goods are easily blown away by the wind and wet by rain, resulting in loss of goods, thereby increasing the amount of insurance compensation. In addition, the tarpaulin falling off also provides an opportunity for thieves. It also threatens the safety of road transport. The truck tarpaulin falls off during transportation, which can easily cause accidents such as scratches on railway equipment and pedestrian injuries.
The shed tarpaulin will damage the road image to a certain extent, and more importantly, it will increase the trouble for cargo owners to choose other modes of transportation. During transportation, check that the tarpaulins are intact and unbroken piece by piece, the eye sockets, signs and numbers are complete and clear, the ropes are complete and intact, there are no joints, the connection is firm, the tarpaulin connection is accurate, and the quantity is counted. The shipper shall fill in the tarpaulin number and vehicle number corresponding to the tarpaulin covering with the "Truck Tarpaulin Handover Form" filled in by the tarpaulin administrator.