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The membrane structure canopy perfectly combines practicality and beauty

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's aesthetics are also rising rapidly. For the needs of an item, it is not only practical, but also needs to have beautiful functions at the same time. The widespread use of membrane structure car hoods illustrates this point.

The membrane structure canopy achieves the effect of a perfect combination of practicality and beauty. The current car canopy is far from being a simple steel structure. The material used is combined with the use of color, which makes the boring membrane structure car canopy more beautiful and individual.

In addition, the quality of today's membrane structure car canopy is also better. It is made of square steel welded to form a dragon skeleton. The whole frame is treated with anti-rust treatment, and the anti-rust primer is brushed three times. The surface is sprayed with white high-grade automotive paint. It makes the membrane structure canopy more firm, shock-resistant, wind-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Therefore, after today's membrane structure car canopy has practicability and compression resistance, the maintenance cost in the later period is reduced, which is incomparable with traditional parking sheds. It can be seen that the future market of membrane structure car canopies will become larger and larger, slowly replacing traditional parking sheds.