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What are the advantages of tarpaulin compared with nylon and canvas

Tarpaulin products are widely used in reality. They are mainly used in simple tents, chicken coops, pig houses, equipment storage yards, construction sites, agricultural cultivation goods, storage, transportation, ports, etc. used in sports events, etc. Ships, industrial facilities and daily life, etc.

There are many kinds of tarpaulins that can be distinguished from the quality of tarpaulin. Take nylon for example. Nylon is a chemical product, and the production cost of nylon is very low. Compared with fabric canvas, nylon and canvas have their own characteristics. The advantages.

Nylon is relatively cheaper than canvas, so cheap is a big advantage of nylon, and in terms of output, nylon also has a big advantage. The canvas is different. The density of the canvas directly affects the appearance, feel, processing, thickness, strength, flexural resistance, breathability, wear resistance and thermal performance of the fabric. Indicators, so the funds needed for canvas production are far more than nylon.

At the same time, the density of the canvas is also related to the cost of the product and the size of the production efficiency, but the quality of the canvas has the advantage of jue. In terms of service life, or in terms of use time, the use time of canvas is far Far exceeds the use time of nylon.

Car tarpaulin application:

According to the main uses of the above tarpaulin, the car tarpaulin is mainly used for transportation and covering on trucks and automobiles.


Although tarpaulin is not the most important accessory in a car, as an important accessory, if it can be used correctly, it can save money, and it is directly related to the quality of the transported goods. There are generally three forms of car tarpaulin devices: square, arc, triangle and flat.

Three-proof tarpaulin

Product index: no water leakage, water pressure resistance value ≥2000MM water column

Product use: It can be used as a tarpaulin for cars, trains, ships, freight tarps, tarpaulin manufacturers, open-air warehouse covering cloths, and materials for building temporary sheds on various construction sites. It can also be processed for outer sheaths of tents and various machinery and equipment. .

Product features: obvious mildew-proof, flame-retardant, waterproof performance, low water absorption, quick-drying after rain, no weight gain, convenient use, and no cracking.

What are the performance and application of the three defenses?

Three-proof cloth is one of our main products, which plays an important role in life and production. The application of the three-proof cloth is very wide. Maybe you don't care. It can be used for transportation tarps, can be processed into camping tents, used as a cover for various mechanical equipment, and can also be used to cover crops.

The performance of the three-proof cloth:

Three-proof fabric is a plastic coating with good flame-retardant performance based on the interweaving of glass fiber and cotton yarn and a special formula for double-sided coating. This special formula has been repeatedly tested and analyzed by the manufacturer on the components of the plastic coating. The coating is specially designed on the basis of theoretical derivation and formulated in accordance with strict technological procedures. A protective cloth processed by special equipment. It not only has excellent fire resistance, water resistance and mildew resistance.

Zhejiang Xinyida Reinforced Materical Co., Ltd is three-proof cloth adopts advanced production technology, which is not easy to be polluted and damaged, and it is resistant to scrubbing, alkali and aging, and has a long service life. Welcome new and old customers to inquire