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What is PVC coated waterproof fabric?

Coated Oxford cloth mainly uses a special process to coat a layer of material with special functions on the basis of the cloth, so that the cloth adds special functions. Therefore, it is also called functional coated fabric. Common Oxford cloth coatings are mainly divided into two categories: PU and PVC.

PVC Oxford cloth is coated with a special process. First, the plastic particles are hot-melted and stirred into a paste, uniformly coated on the Oxford cloth substrate according to the specified thickness, and then entered into a foaming furnace for foaming, so that it has the ability to It is suitable for the production of various products and different requirements of softness, and the surface treatment is carried out at the same time as it is released.
PVC Oxford cloth coating process: PVC is slightly yellow translucent and shiny. Stable; not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali; relatively resistant to heat. PVC Oxford cloth is resistant to torsion, good softness, high tensile strength; waterproof, flame retardant, mildew proof, cold proof, anti-corrosion; anti-aging; anti-ultraviolet; easy to clean; The thickness can be coated according to its application.
PVC coated rain cloth is now widely used in tents, car tarpaulins, train covers, ship covers, open-air freight yard covers, railway and road transportation, storage, coal mines, industrial and agricultural fields, etc.