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The Use of Inflatable Structures in Recycling Programs

Inflatable structures have a lot of advantages. In addition to being lightweight, they have high airtightness and can be used for a number of purposes. One of these uses is in recycling programs.

PVC is a versatile material that has many applications. It's also affordable. PVC is used in many different types of construction projects, including roofing foils, window frames, flooring, and wall coverings. It's also resistant to UV radiation. And, thanks to its low weight, it can be easily installed and dismantled.

A recent study by Pratt Institute students explored the possibilities of recycled plastic for large inflatable structures. Students at the school developed large geometry systems from recycled plastic. They then presented their innovative ideas for repurposing excess plastic in architectural and design projects. Among their creations is the "Super Maxi," which looks like a mound of plastic and offers interactive spaces.

PVC is a durable material that resists weathering, chemical rot, and abrasion. This is one reason why PVC is a popular choice in the construction industry. Today, about 85% of all products made in the construction sector are made of PVC.